Cajamarca - Peru
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Getting in Peru

From North America

Most flights from North America to Lima go via Miami. Although prices vary depending on the time of year, and the type of ticket, the main operators seem to hold fares fairly steady. High season is usually mid-December to mid-January and July to mid-August; low season is mid-January to June and mid-August to mid-December.

From Britain

The most common way to get from Britain to Peru is to fly into Lima. High season for flights is December, July and August; low season is September to November and January to June

From Australia & New Zealand

Scheduled flights to Peru from this part of the world to Lima are rather limited and tend to involve changing planes somewhere in the Pacific or Los Angeles. High season is December to February; low season is the rest of the year, but prices also vary depending on how long you stay (between a minimum of 21 days and a maximum of a year).

There is no Peruvian Tourist Office as such in Australia or New Zealand, but Destination Travel, 34A Main Street, Croydon, Victoria (tel 03/9725-4655), can provide information about all aspects of travel to South America.

Source: TravelNow Destination Guides

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