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The Cathedral on the Plaza de Armas of Trujillo - Peru
A Sunday in Trujillo - Peru
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Trujillo is a very colorful city in northwestern Peru and is the third largest city of the country. It was founded in 1534 by Diego de Almagro under the name of "Villa Trujillo" in honor of Francisco Pizarro's birthplace, Trujillo in Extremadura, Spain.

The big attraction of Trujillo, the capital of the department of La Libertad in Peru, is the amazing dispersed ruin of Chan Chan, which was the largest pre-Colombian city of the Americas. Due to some questionable city expansion some of the ruins lie in the middle of some busy neighborhoods.

The Plaza de Armas is the place to be to enjoy some of the best colorful colonial houses Peru has to offer. The unique feature of the mansions are the wonderful window railings. The plaza is a pleasant spot with broad streets and is ideal for "people watching". The revolutionary leader Simón Bolívar lived in a house on the Plaza de Armas.

The cathedral of Trujillo was built in 1616 and destroyed by the earthquakes of 1619 and 1635. Inside there are Baroque and Rococo altars, canvases belonging to the famous Cusco and Quito Schools of Painting, and polychrome sculptures. The Cathedral Museum displays mainly Viceregal religious works and objects of gold and silver.

Other attractions of the city are the Church and Convent of the Society of Jesus and the House of the Facalá Primogeniture.

The nearby coastal city Huanchaco is famous for the typical reed boats known as "caballitos de totora". It is located 13 km (8 miles) northwest of Trujillo, near the Chan Chan Archaeological Complex. Huanchaco is also a favored spot for surf aficionados.

Chan-Chan Archaeological Complex

The Chimu Kingdom build Chan Chan, in and around the city of Trujillo in Northern Peru, as its capital some 15 centuries ago.

The planning of this huge city, the largest in pre-Columbian America, reflects a strict political and social strategy, marked by the city's division into nine 'citadels' or 'palaces' forming autonomous units.

Some ruins lie in the center of a busy neighborhood of Trujillo (quite bizarre). Others, such as Huaca del Sol and Huaca de la Luna, demand public transport to be reached. Read more about Chan Chan


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