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Viña del Mar

Viña del Mar, known as Ciudad Jardin (Garden City) is a beautiful city with subtropical boulevards and lush green parks. The city became popular with the wealthy families of Chile in Valparaiso in the mid 19th-century. Grand houses and mansions were build here. Viña del Mar remains up to this day a popular weekend and summer destinations for Chileans.

There are two distinct sectors in Viña del Mar. A prestigious area of traditional mansions to its south and a newer residential area to its north. Several bridges connect the two areas.

Viña del Mar Highlights

Museo de Arqueológico e Historia Francisco Fonck
An original 'moai' (Easter Island statue) is erected going to the entrance of the museum. Mapuche silverwork, Peruvian ceramics, an insect room and a range of stuffed animals can be found.

Museo Palacio Rioja
Elegant century-old mansion. A municipal museum. Hosts movies and musical performances.

Quinta Vergara
Once the resident of the Alvares-Vergara family. The Parque Quina Vergara is a beautiful public park with the Venetian style Palacio Vergara from 1908. The Museo Municipal de Bellas Artes is housed here.

Jardín Botánico Nacional
The national botanical garden of Chile consists of 61 hectares. An impressive range of flora (3000 native and exotic plant species) can be found here.

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