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Lakes District

The Lakes District is the most popular destination for the adventurous backpacker in Chile. As the landscape is not as rugged as the magnificent Patagonia the Lakes District is there for everybody to enjoy.

So, what's awaiting you? Hiking, skiing, climbing, kayaking, horseback riding and so much more. If this is just a bit too much for your taste you can go for the more relaxing route choosing lakeside retreats, hot springs and beaches.

The Lakes District has some wonderful national parks such as Parque Nacional Tolhuaca, Parque Nacional Conguillio and Reserva Nacional Malalcahuello/Nalcas.

Lakes District Highlights

Volcan Osorno
Volcan Osorno is easily reached with even a small car or tour bus. There is an easily navigable dirt road up to a "ski-lodge" where you can take a ski-lift to about half way up the volcano.

Termas Geometricas
Twenty-one slate covered pools with hot and cold thermal water in Chile's lake district.

Mount Villarica
You can see the red magma (molten rock) at the top of this still active volcano.

Lake Todos Los Santos
Sometimes called Lago Esmeralda because of its blue-green color, this strikingly beautiful glacial lake is bordered by steep cliffs.

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