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La Plata

The city of La Plata in Argentina is 55 km. (34 miles) away from Buenos Aires City and is the capital of the Buenos Aires Province.

La Plata attempted to be taken into the Unesco World Heritage list for its unique city layout which consists of blocks (cuadras) crossed by diagonal streets (unique in Latin America).

City layout of La Plata There is a 'plaza' (public square) every 7 blocks which act as green lungs and as recreational places.

The picturesque train station of La Plata was used in the opening sequence of the movie "7 years in Tibet" (the "Gratz" signs they used on the train platforms in the movie were only taken away years later).

The nearby "República de los Niños" (Children's Republic) is the biggest undertaking for children in South America. I have been there quite a few times and although it is very picturesque it is also devoid of children.

A visit to the Museum of Natural Sciences with unique exhibitions of Patagonian findings and the Cathedral on Plaza Moreno are a must if you are in the city.


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