The Presidential Guard - Brasilia, Brazil
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The surreal capital of Brazil, Brasilia is a city you have to see. Its coldness competes with a country that evokes feelings connected with passion. The city was officially inaugurated on April 21, 1960 and it was not planned with pedestrians in mind. Distances are enormous on foot and an underground railway has been recently built to alleviate these problems.

The planned city boasts with some of the most remarkable modern architecture in the world with absolute highlights such as the Cathedral, the National Congress and the Legion of Goodwill Temple.

Brasilia was built in the shape of a butterfly (although most people think it is an aeroplane). The fuselage of the aeroplane contains the ministries, government buildings, the senate, the chamber of deputies and a futuristic cathedral, designed by Oscar Niemeyer. There is also a tall television tower, with spectacular views of the city and the lake.

The National Congress in Brasilia, the capital of Brazil The wings of the aeroplane are named the North Wing and South Wing: each is roughly 4.3 miles (7 km.) in length. The avenue between the lake and the wings, called L2 Sul or L2 Norte, depending on which wing it’s on, has churches, schools and hospitals.

A wide, high-speed avenue, called the Eixo, connects the two wings by passing under a central bus station, where the banking sector (Sector Bancário) and hotel sector (Sector Hoteleiro) are located.

The Legion of Goodwill Temple in Brasilia Brasilia is famous for its fantastic futuristic buildings such as the National Congress, the Cathedral (click on the photo collage above to see the pictures), the Presidential Palace, but the most impressive building in the city, from a religious point of view, is the utopian Legion of Goodwill Temple, a seven-sided, seven-story pyramid topped by what sources call the world's largest crystal.

The city is obviously a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is really a must see when you travel in Brazil. I can only say that the experience for me was one of unbelief. This is Brazil? No!



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